Standley & Associates provides the following services to individuals and small businesses.    

Tax Preparation
When we prepare your taxes you can be confident that we will take every legal deduction. Don Standley has a Masters degree in federal taxation and has been preparing tax returns for over 20 years. Whether your situation is basic or complex, we can help. We regularly handle returns that involve various investments, 1031 exchanges, passive losses, alternative minimum taxes, etc.

Tax Planning

When we prepare your taxes, we look for ways to make sure you "send the very least". Throughout the year we are available to consult regarding your business or investment plans to find ways to lower your taxes or delay them to a later year.

New Business Setup

Do you know what is the best structure for your business? Corporation, partnership, limited liability company or sole proprietorship? We can show you which one and explain why.

Business Consulting

Is your business growing? Is it not growing? What problems do you struggle with? We will help you solve your business problems or refer you to other professionals who can help.